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$25,000 in donations were doubled thanks to Brian McGuigan!

Thanks to Brian McGuigan, donations up to $25,000 were doubled to create support 2NURFM in continuing to deliver its vital service to the community.

Thank you for supporting 2NURFM

Thanks to your kind donations, and significant support from Brian McGuigan, over $70,000 was raised through Gifting Day to support 2NURFM!

2NURFM is proud to be your local radio station for more than forty years. As a station built by the community for our community, we share good times and great music, on-air, online and on-demand, 24/7.

As a non-profit, we’re powered by the University of Newcastle, our volunteers and importantly, our generous community of donors. We’re focused on local issues, we carefully curate music for your taste and bring you all the programs you love. Our announcers deliver all this and more through our studio, and our studio is in urgent need of an upgrade.

Your support enables 2NURFM to purchase the equipment needed to undergo this upgrade and continue delivering our vital service through our studio.

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Because of your generosity, the University of Newcastle will support 4 additional Shaping Futures Scholarships – that’s 4 lives changed for the better!

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